Frank's Palm Coast Kitchen Remodel Services

Thank you for considering Frank for your Palm Coast kitchen remodeling needs!  With 50 years of interior redesign and remodeling, Frank has all of the skills to transform your Flagler kitchen and cabinets into a one-of-a-kind living space.  To contact Frank about one of the services below, simply click "Contact," and enter the subject of the service you wish to learn more about (Alternate Design Choices, 2nd Opinion Critique, or Price Quote).

2nd Opinion Critique
Let an expert analyze and offer an opinion about the remodel or cabinet design plan you will be investing your hard-earned money in. A major decision like permanently changing your living space is a serious one, and an expert can help you evaluate your options.
Price Quote
I offer 3 different levels of quality and price, or 3 tiers of pricing/design. When I conceptualize your remodel and create alternate design choices, I provide you with a range of options that vary in affordability.